Repeat Performer

New moon and sidekick sliver.

Sliver holds new moon

Behind a midnight blue curtain.

But new moon glows against the fold

Waiting patiently to appear.


A cast of stars do glitter,

Softly highlighting slivers presence

With new moon as its halo.

A combined ensemble so bold.

Exquisite is nights’ stage, none interfere.


Sliver dances slowly without a quiver.

Such an angel in flight

Stirring an evening breeze.

As the leafy treetops applaud and mold

Into natural rhythm, cool and clear.


The curtain fold slowly closes on sliver.

The show comes to an end,

To rest, only to be renewed

For tomorrow’s performance sold

Awaiting transformation a full moon to cheer.

Our full moon this month will be this Friday ~ if you have moment, go outdoors and enjoy the view!  I wrote this poem in 1989 ~ at the time I was a “single” and spent many hours writing poetry….or trying to figure out the rhythm and reason of my life at that point in time.  I will share others from time to time.  Writing has been a great solace in my life ~ in the valley’s, straight-away’s and hilltops. You learn a lot about one’s self by putting pen to paper.  I enjoy going back and rereading ~ and, sometime’s I wonder “what was I thinking!  And Why??!!  “)  Then the flood gates open ~ “Oh ~ …. now I remember”.  Memories are precious ~ may I be so blessed to be able to pull them out, and dust them off,  for a very long time to come.

To all ~ have a great evening.  Always, Elichap





A Morning in Wisconsin ~

In past years, I have enjoyed different parts in the State of Wisconsin, visiting family, friends or just getting in my car to where it led me.  A beautiful area of our country, especially in the early morning hours ~ seems that has become my time  to reflect with the rising of the sun.  But, I do enjoy the coolness of the evenings when the stars begin to appear filling the the night’s sky with diamonds and the shadows the moonbeams create.

But in tribute to one of our great states ~ and to those who live in Wisconsin, I want to share the following with you all ~~ simply …


The hour was between

Night and dawn.

The moon greeting the sun

Hazy transformation seen.


The warmth of the earth

Coupled with cool night air

Creating a foggy cover

Blanketing the dells girth.


Smokey clouds moving slowly

In and around the evergreens,

Rolling over the hillsides,

Gently caressing the earths’ form.


The sun began to peek

Bidding good morn to the moon,

Bidding farewell to the morning star.

Warming the foggy cover to morning dew.


Sleeping life began to stir

To welcome yet another day.

Feeling the heat of the sun

Clearing the sky to a crystal blue.


The sight of such beauty did spawn

A peacefulness in my being.

Only to await the hours’ return

Between night and dawn.

Elizabeth Deakin (Chapman), June 26, 1989

Hope you enjoyed a “morning in Wisconsin” ~ truly a beautiful creation of God’s work.  We are truly blessed to have such artwork to enjoy …. each and every day ~ everywhere.  For this, I’m truly thankful to Him.

To all have a great day! Enjoy the beauty around you ~ it’s free and gives one peace, but only if one takes the time to view such marvels all around.  God Bless.

Always, Elichap