Silver Comes To The New England Patriots

Since the 2012 Summer Olympics, we have seen Gabby get a new hairdo, Michael Phelps getting himself into “hot water” again, and other Olympic star “after news”.

But one that caught my eye in recent news is Jeff Demps ~ Silver medal winner in the in the 4×100 relay as part of the team that finished second to Jamaica at the London Games. A  running back at Florida, he had 2,470 career yards rushing and 23 touchdowns in four seasons with the Gators. He averaged 28.8 yards a return during his four-year career.  Even though a great college football record,  he did not attend any college football all-star games or take part in any NFL draft workouts. Along with playing football, he was also a member of Florida’s track and field team and won multiple national championships.  His focus was on the track ~ his sights were on this summer’s Olympic games and did very well.

There had been quite a few teams that had shown interest in him.  However, they backed off their pursuit in respect to his dedication to his dream ~ being in the Olympics.  Once the Olympics were over, Demps returned his attention to football.

News of late last night ~ he has signed on with the New England Patriots.  The Patriots aren’t concerned about his physical condition ~ just coming back from the Olympics ~ being in top shape is not an issue.  Now the decision will be ~ just what position will he be slotted in.  Kick returner, slot receiver ~ “Demps played in 51 games at Florida.  The 5-foot-7, 191-pound standout finished his career with 367 carries and a 6.7-yard average.”  So, I’m sure the Pat’s will definitely find a place for him.

Everyone have a great day and enjoy your team/game of choice.  Always, Elichap