Birthdays ….. Grateful For Each and Every One

Personally, I celebrate anniversaries of my birth date these days.  Being a woman …. why, as I get older … I shun away from my actual age to which I have arrived.  This past year I celebrated my 21st of my 39th!  Creative? Probably not ~ but fun watching others having to “add in their heads” just what that is equal to.  I have many bright and wonderful memories within my years, and very thankful for each and every one.  So why do I have such a hard time saying “60” ?  I believe I’m in the stretch of “denial”!  Once I reach 72 ~ a piece of cake!  LOL….

Yesterday was my granddaughter’s birthday party. Tori celebrated her 9th birthday.  She was happy as a lark with her friends, and brother ~ swimming, laughing, jumping, swinging, climbing up to the tree house and back down again to return to the pool.  We “adults” enjoyed the mayhem and our visit together.  Maybe this is what I miss ~ all the silliness that goes with a birthday party…. the pure enjoyment of the celebration. We took a break for cheese pizza and fruit … a small “commercial break” to re-charge.  The kids were just about ready to show me their “human pyramid”, when my son-in-law brought out the prize possession. “The Pinata“!!  Oh, the laughter and excitement resumed two-fold with the official hanging of the silvery globe with streamers. First, each took one streamer and pulled to see “if” the treasure inside would be released. Not to be. So, one by one … beginning with the birthday girl … each used a bat to try their best to be the hero and smash the pinata open. Everyone had three tries. Still ~ that hanging globe, swinging back and forth tauntingly, would not yield. Once again … back to the original attempt with each taking a streamer and pull!   SUCCESS!  The enclosed treasure fell to the ground. “CANDY“!  Squealing with delight and “grab as much as one could” ensued like they had never had any before ~ ever!  The sugary high did not end there ~ onto cake and ice cream!!  The candles were lighted on the cake which Tori blew out with one hand over her brother’s mouth as he attempted to “help out”!   🙂   We gathered around to watch Tori open her gifts and she thanked all for everything, but “most of all ~ for being at her party”.  A very heartwarming little speech in this day and age.

Then ~ my grandson, Faron, announced that it was 12:48 to his Aunt Amy. I do believe he felt everyone should think about getting their things together.  He’s five!!!  Being that the party was to end at 1:00 per the invitation, I suppose he thought that was 1:00 sharp ~ no dilly-dallying around.  LOL!!  Time for everyone to be on their way.  For being so young ~ he is very anal about “schedule”.  Breakfast is 7:15 and when it is 8:00 in the evening ~ that is bathtime… no if, and’s or but’s!  I don’t think he will ever be late for anything in his future.

It was a delightful day and we all had a great time.  The weather was beautiful and I’m sure there was a “naptime” planned at some point during the afternoon …. at least for my daughter and her crew.

Another memory created to be enjoyed sometime in the future.  To all ~ have a great day and “if” you are having a birthday!  May you have a very special day, too!

Always, Elichap


Our “Independence” Day … Happy 4th of July

Today, being the 4th of July ~ an observance we celebrate every year to honor the birthday of our country. Family and friends gather for reunions, small and large get-together’s, picnics, swimming, games, and maybe ~ just in general ~ a lazy summer day at home.

I think back when we would go to my aunt and uncle’s house out in the country. We would go every summer when I was between the ages of 5 – 9.  Uncle Olen always took care of the homemade ice cream ~ hmmmm … the churning, anyway. Aunt Lora would hand him the container filled with cream, sugar, vanilla + mixture ~ for him to pack in the churn surrounded with salted ice, with a towel draped over the top to keep the ice as cold as possible for the time needed to have perfect ice cream. We would all visit him and my dad from time to time as the two sat and talked, taking turns with this little chore.  We’d stand as watch as either churned away, and asked ~ “Is it ready yet?”!  “Nope”, my uncle would say “but we’re getting there”.  Seemed like all afternoon of waiting for the best ice cream ever ~ which was served with one of Aunt Lora’s homemade cakes ~ and usually with strawberries on top. Such a delight we all enjoyed immensely.  Then, of course, we had to wait for the dusky nightfall for the fireworks. Since my aunt and uncle lived in the country, we didn’t have to worry about “the law” coming out for setting off fireworks.  Dad and Uncle Olen were in charge of those, too, and kept a close watch on us so we weren’t too close ~ but close enough to see the beautiful display.  Seemed like the fireworks lasted for a very long time, but in essence the “show” was about 10 minutes. Regardless….we thoroughly enjoy them with “ooo’s” and “aaaah’s”. And one year the pinwheel, my uncle thought he had firmed mounted on the barbed wire fence ~ jumped right off and started “chasing” him! That was worth a few laughs once everyone knew he was okay! But, prior to the “big show”, we had sparklers to wave and write our names with. My brothers seemed to always have cherry bombs ~ which scared the ba-geezes out of us girls.  They thought they were pretty darn funny hearing us all scream, but then would run away in fear of their lives.  Well…at least they pretended to be in fear.  After depleting our supply of sparklers, we would play hide-n-seek, or “who’s afraid of the ghost” with such dark shadows around the house ~ got pretty spooky at times. While, we played, our parents would sit on the porch and visit….occasionally checking on us when it got r-e-a-l-l-y quiet.  Then someone would have to “shush” them away giving up where they were hiding  ~ they always got caught first!   Of course, “time for bed” always came too soon. Ushered in, baths a necessity ~ tucked in and ready for sleep. Two of my cousins, Joyce and Ruth, were about my age and we would be too excited to sleep ~ talk and giggle, giggle and talk. Seeing that we weren’t serious about settling down ~ Joyce’s older sister, Joann would say, “Okay girls, we are going to play a game. Whichever one of you can stay quiet for 5 minutes and then tell me good-night, will win a prize”.  She’s pretty smart because none of us ever found out what the prize was ~ I do believe we all fell asleep within two minutes ~ if that long!

Oh….it’s the memories that we make on this day that lend to such special thoughts for our future, especially now that some of those present have been gone for quite some time. Even though, within my heart they still live and are a major factor of who I am today.

July 4th is a special holiday ~ a special day not only for our country, but for myself.  And within the few hours of celebration, I give thanks to Him for veteran’s and current serviceman who serve our great country so we have the freedom to create such life long memories ~ liberty and the pursuit of happiness of which our country was founded. Our country is one that has lived through many changes ~ survived. I pray for all of us to be strong and holdup “the truths” of honor and respect which men and women have fought so hard to keep in place.  To all ~ May your Independence Day be a reminder of how blessed we truly are.

For now ~ I have just a few last minute preparations for my own crew ~ new memories to unfold ~ filled with laughter, joy and love … with my own family. Only the best to all ~ and, God bless America.