2012 Summer Olympics ~ Opening Ceremony in Olympic Park, London

Oh, what a night with performances of excellence and humor, only the British can deliver.  With Queen Elizabeth appearing in a video, “The Queen” and James Bond parachuting in for the occasion, Mr. Bean at his best bringing laughter to the seated crowd of 62,000 and millions of  TV viewers.  A very strange, but entertaining version of Peter Pan, and …. I have never seen so many “Mary Poppins” to protect the children from the nightmarish figures!  David Beckman  in a beautiful boat at top speed with the Olympic torch bringing  it’s journey over 70 days and 6000 mile relay to an end.  As “an Australian TV commentator described the show … “brilliant but bonkers” ~ pretty much sums it up.

It has been reported that there are 204 “countries” participating in the games. However, in actuality, there are only 196 independent countries around the world.  A bit confusing? ~ yes.  Technically, save 3, there are 193 independent counties that have athletes in London for the games.  There are 11 territories, or other entities, that have been permitted by the International Olympic Committee to have their own National Olympic Committee (NOC).   Thus, 204 stated “countries”.  The three independent countries not represented are South Sudan, Kosovo, and Vatican City/Holy See.

Interestingly enough ~ South Sudan declared their independence from Sudan in July, 2011. Quickly being accepted into the United Nations, the war-torn country is working to get  theirs lives and country back in order.  Unfortunately, for the few athletes they do have, creating a NOC has not moved its way up the priority list.

Kosovo is our second newest independent country, officially as of 2008.  With continuing status issues with Serbia, has not obtained international recognition.  Even though they created their own Olympic Committee of Kosovo ~ their athletes are unable to participate without a NOC in their country.

Vatican City/Holy See ~ which is recognized as an independent country, does not have a NOC. Nor does the Vatican City have any aspirations to have a committee in the future.

For the 204 “countries”, there is an approximate total of 10,690 (and one report was 17,000 ~ so somewhere in between!) athletes participating in 26 sport categories, 36 disciplines (Defined event within the category. Exp:  Swimming category ~ breaststroke, free style, relay, etc. are “disciplines”.) equaling approx. 300 events for one to choose from.  Per individual  “country”, representation ranges from 5 to 557 members.  Great Britain (557), United States (534), and Russia (441) topping the list.

So for the next 17 days ~ we will be entertained and watch with enthusiasm as athletes from around the world compete for the Gold, Silver and Bronze. GOOOOO USA!!

Everyone, enjoy your events of choice ~ and, maybe watch some new ones.  Unfortunately… baseball, nor softball, is included in this year’s Olympics.   ~  Have a great day!

Always ~ Elichap


4 comments on “2012 Summer Olympics ~ Opening Ceremony in Olympic Park, London

  1. badgerbratwurstintexas says:

    The Olympic Ceremony was pretty good. I got home and didnt see all of it but I saw the last part of all the nations being intoduced including the United States and Britian. Paul McCartney was great siging at age 70 he’s still rocking great. The special effwbts and the James Bond queen helicopter and the giant baby were cool. I really didn’t go for the torch lighting as much. David Beckham from a boat and a bunch of kids lighting the torch. Too confusingf instead of passing to a national legend like Muhammed Ali in Atlanta. Nice to see him in Atlanta at 70 as well. Barcelona shooting the flame in with an arrow in 1992 was my favorite torch lighting along with Ali lighting it in Atlanta in 1996. Hopefully they’ll get back to that less confusing in Rio in 2016 or Russia in the Winter Olympics in 2014. Take care, good post and enjoy the Games Eli. Talk soon Paul/Bratman

    • elichap says:

      Personally, I didn’t think the Opening Ceremony was the best of the best ~ but entertaining, none-the-less. I thought the “speed boat” was a bit much and isn’t the torch bearer to be walking/running? all the way. I suppose handing off the torch to the many younger ones was to keep with the “theme” of the ceremony. Weird ~ but that’s the British!! LOL…. A lot of people, including the IOC is wondering if Rio is going to be a good fit in 2016 ~ In Rio ~ they had a stadium size screen setup for all to view ~ could not get a signal!! Ooops!!! “) But, they do have four years to get it figured out! I liked the Canadian Winter O ceremony, too. That one was really beautiful. You enjoy the games, also. Men’s basketball at 8:30 (cst) this morning ~ playing France. Have a great day and enjoy! Always~Beth

  2. badgerbratwurstintexas says:

    Also besides baseball and softball it would be fun to see golf in the Olympics. Too bad the rest of the world doesnt play much American football either!

    • elichap says:

      Seems strange not to have at least the softball ~ the women’s teams were amazing!! They could put some men I know “to the test”!! LOL! In the scheme of things ~ American football is just that ~ one country’s pleasure, not really a worldwide sport which the Olympics represents. But ~ it is what it is and we will enjoy what events they do offer. “)

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