“I’m Melting” …..

…. Yes, it is summer ~ a very hot, hot summer for this part of our country, the Midwest.  I do believe I could serve breakfast outdoors ~ the heat coming from the sidewalks, I’m sure I could fry up some bacon and eggs!  It must be really dry in the southern states ~ we now have Armadillo’s in Northern Kentucky and Southern IL!  Nope ~ have never seen them this far north before.

I reckon Mother Nature is trying her best to tell us ~ we are just not that far away from Hell because it sure is making it’s presence apparent with the plants that sit upon this earth beginning to dry up and die off.   People are even “buying ice blocks” to cool their pools ~ have not seen that in many years….since the mid 1970’s.  One must eat ice cream or a popsicle very fast if outdoors.  Must be El Nino making it’s presence known ~ robbing the moisture in the air to bring our much needed rain.

However, we are not to the 1930’s Dust Bowl …. yet. Way back when, not only lack of rain, but due to little crop rotation, crops died off leaving the top soil to swirl in the arid winds across the U.S.  No, we aren’t to that stage ~ yet.  However, the birds sit with their little beaks open, spreading their wings to cool themselves while sitting in the shade.  I know how they feel ~ sitting in the shade one finds little relief.  Even though there is a breeze … it’s hot!  But we have experienced “droughts’ in the mid-1950’s, five years in the 1960’s, got by with only two years in the 70’s.  Entering the 1980’s ~ selected years, 1983 and the worst across the country, 1988.  Mother Nature gave us a bit of break from 1990 into the 2000’s. But 2010 ~ we began to see more days with extreme heat, but at least we had rain in the mix of swelter.  This summer ~ long hot days, no measurable rain thus no humidity in our area. Very strange, indeed, since that is one of our “summer personalities” in the Midwest that usually makes 80 degrees feel like 101….with “instant” glistening as one walks out a door.

Global warming, I would say so….but also, history repeating itself.  However, will this be a record summer that certainly will affect crops, people lives … death due to the extreme heat.  Our weather patterns certainly have changed, season’s have shifted and we have seen over the past few years one weather disaster after another all over the globe.  Mother Nature’s furry has been letting off steam everywhere, cracking the surface of our earth ~ shaking us up??!

Yes ~ it is a very H~O~T summer and I just pray …. our air conditioner continues to work!  Spoiled, yes we sure are.  Taking it for granted…no, I don’t.  Thankful ~ from the bottom of my heart.  This too shall pass ~ just not quite sure when.

Stay as cool as possible!!!  Always ~ Elichap


2 comments on ““I’m Melting” …..

  1. badgerbratwurstintexas says:

    Good blog Elichap. Yes you never knowe which way the weather will blow lol. Have a goode day and best wishes Bratman

    • elichap says:

      I am having a “goode” day already!! The Cardinals came back and SMASHED the Dodgers!! LOL…… You have a good one ~ stay cool. To be around 106 w/humidity!!!!! Ugh! Always, Beth

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