NCAA & Penn State

We have determined, read, written about every angle of Penn State University’s deceased football coach Joe Paterno and his despicable cover-up of the lower than slime employee/assistant Sandusky. Sandusky has been found guilty on multiple charges, awaiting sentencing ~ which doesn’t even include the recent “breaking news” … there were 3 others during the years of ’70’s and ’80’s, to add to Sandusky’s serial rampage of human violation.

So ~ let’s go beyond “beating the dead horse syndrome” ….. now is the time for the NCAA to stand up and take severe action against Penn State in regard to this very ugly situation … mind boggling as it is and a subject matter which we could debate, argue about, write about, continue to sift through details to make heads or tails of the “why”?!!

But past that ~ We have Miami, Howard, Baylor, Auburn, Syracuse, University of Oregon, Boise St, Ohio State and how many others (?) currently under sanctions by the NCAA for recruiting violations of one degree or another. Sanctions have been laid upon their basketball and/or football programs for their misconduct and abuse of the rules set by the  governing body for college sports. This is a group of collective persons, chosen, to keep integrity….safe guards at a high level for all higher education schools.

Penn State “covered up” …. and we still are not sure of just how many of the staff are involved …. abuse of human beings! And for what ~ the almighty $$’s.  It is reported that the NCAA has a tough decision ~ bull hockey!!!!  It is reported that they haven’t had enough time to make a judgement call. Even more pathetic on their part.  They have had almost a year’s time to plan their action to hear such a statement as above mentioned. The Freeh report is now an open book! The only recourse here is the “death penalty” to the Penn State football program for five years ~ minimum. Unfortunately, and sadly, that probably won’t be the verdict.

I am sympathetic for the student athletes at Penn State, that such a possible decision so great, would impact. But, not only the NCAA, but Penn State, must make a stand that this situation never happens again. The NCAA must make an example of Penn State to relay to all others….this type of situation will not be tolerated and will be dealt with by handing down the strongest of decisions. A “whistle blower” rule should be put in place so that no one who reports such vile actions will be punished for revealing such information = no fear of losing their job to protect a human being(s). The State of IL just passed a law to protect such persons’ in the educational field.  Hopefully, our remaining states follow suit.  Hopefully, the NCAA makes this apart of their “rules”!  This is a very real and present danger that needs to be addressed NOW.  I, also, feel the Big Ten should exclude Penn State from their football program in recognition of Penn State’s wrong doing in this sorted situation.

Penn State University, supposedly, is an university of integrity, honor and highly regarded in the educational field ~ well, at least it was. The university’s board should be taking every step possible to retain the high levels which they have achieved in the educational world. They themselves should be making recommendations to the NCAA for severe punishment despite the real and probable loss of capital gain from their football program. Penn State has a HUGE black eye ~ but those sitting in the big seats of command must accept responsibility for this outrage of circumstances that was “allowed” to go on, disgustingly, violating a young persons by one of their employees. I believe a public apology from the university would not be out of line, either, along with announcing their recommendation to the NCAA. We can not go back in time, but we certainly can make changes for the safety and well being of our students from this day forward.

Should the NCAA go lightly on their sanctions for Penn State ~ I feel there would be a “revolution” across the country in outcry regarding a “soft” verdict.  However, “if” that were to transpire, it would only be just that they grant all other schools amnesty for recruiting violations. Recruiting violations are nothing … nothing … compared to the despicable circumstances revealed under Penn State’s watch….or, not watching ~ so to speak.

A very sad set of affairs ~ but we need “stand-up” people to make responsible and tough (!) decisions …. leaving greed out of the picture.  Is the “human factor” not more important?  NCAA’s and Penn State’s hesitation ~ certainly makes me wonder.

Always ~ Elichap


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