MLB ~ Current DL To Reduce Numbers By July 31

In the first half of the season for major league baseball ~ we had an incredible 184 players from our 30 teams listed on the DL for one injury or another ~ some have returned, others remain and some added since. We begin our second half tomorrow. But our numbers have grown slightly on the MLB DL to 188. However, the good news is ~ out of that number, we will see 107 players returning for “duty” between tomorrow and the end of the month. Projected for August, there will another 20 coming back to the active roster. Leaving 61 players ~ 43 of the total are out for the season, 18 out with no date indicated for return, but are to begin rehab. Five players listed on the DL were suspensions due to “stupidity in a personal choice of action” ~ to return in July should be Marlin’s RP Juan Oviedo and Rockies C Eliezer Alfonzo. In August off the “suspended” category, we should see Red Sox CF Marlon Byrd, Phillies 2B Freddie Galvis and Giants RP Guillerrno Mota.

Within our 30 teams ~ the Boston Red Sox (43-43) has over half their roster on the DL with 13 players, and not fairing so well as they are gracing the basement level in the AL East. Next highest missing are for the NL West Padres (34-53), who have 12 and treading to stay out of the basement of their division. In the NL East, the Phillies (37-50) have 8, on the lower rung of that division’s ladder. However, at the top of the NL East, we have the Nationals (49-34) have seven. So for the Nationals ~ does that indicate they have a great bench, great Triple A to chose from…or those still active have just overcome the obstacles. Whatever the reason, they have truly been impressive this season.

The Red Sox do have seven of their players scheduled to return this month. The Padres have eight. The Phillies have four to return which includes SP Roy Halladay. Will those returning help get their teams back on track? They can only hope for the best. The Nationals will see three return, one of which is RF Jayson Werth ~ but his return is questionable even by the end of July. Even though, as mentioned ~ the Nationals have overcome without his excellent contributions, along with the others who have been absent.

So injuries continue to plague major league baseball ~ and for those to return…can they stay healthy throughout the second half. The schedule begins again tomorrow ~ one game at a time.

Everyone have a great day! Always ~ Elichap




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