It’s Just One Of Those Days


It’s a very “summer-type” day … mid-morning, temps rising, humidity not too bad….but I think back on one very chilly morning. Snow on the ground, temperature dropped quickly ~ frost crystals everywhere ~ beautiful. But for today, I daydream of laying on a hammock, with the warm breeze washing over me, rocking gently ~ then I  think …. at least I don’t have to shovel snow!!  Have a great day and don’t wish the summer days away too quickly ~ time passes on fast enough.  Always ~ Elichap


2 comments on “It’s Just One Of Those Days

  1. Badgerbrat says:

    Very pretty non sports blog Eli. You can do that here as well. Best wishes and enjoy your day! Paul/Bratman

    • Paul says:

      Hey….thanks. It’s nice that we can write about most any subject here at Word Press….whatever may pop into our minds. A nice way to share “everyday” thoughts ~ a lot of fun and thank you so much for introducing me to this site!! Thoroughly enjoy it ~ nice to have good friends “in the know”!! “)

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